Virtual Cockpit is specialized in the realization of Command Room, War Room, Social War Room, Digital War Room, Management Cockpit, Financial Cockpit.


Built on fifteen years of experience designing in-depth reporting models for business leaders, Virtual Cockpit is emerging as the go-to company for those wanting to turn their boardroom into a command room.


Using the latest neuroscience and technology, Virtual Cockpit's command hub equips your boardroom with real-time business data, and your board members with the ability to make truly informed strategic decisions. More effective than any standard management cockpit or information suite, Virtual Cockpit's multiple displays go far beyond being intuitive: with your business data arranged and displayed according to scientifically proven neuro-visual methodology, Virtual Cockpit speeds up the strategic decision making process; the availability and accessibility of data making the foundations of that process more sound.


Among our references we can cite the Management Cockpit, reporting management committee, reporting HR worldwide, the European financial dashboarding and many other success !


This is put in a room with high readability neuronal screens. All visual, real-time figures of digital or actual activity of a company are displayed on the walls.


Virtual Cockpit provides listening screens which will tap into online conversations or datawarehouse about your business. By observations it allows pilots to monitor its future.


Virtual Cockpit will put you ahead of the curve and make your business far smarter in its decision making.



War  Room, Management Cokpit and Head Quarter Cockpit

A Head quarter Cockpit, deployed by Virtual Cockpit is the assurance of having a comprehensive approach to your business, this is the best of Neurosciences, these are the best IT tools. It's even more powerful than a Management Cockpit!


It is thought by financial experts, operational for the 6 key issues of your business are fully represented. We use a catalog of neural tricks that make you smarter in your decision making.


Our teams will analyse and work with your company’s data avoiding the need for lengthy discussions with technical managers.


Virtual Cockpit makes listening to your business easier, faster and smarter, ensuring strategic decisions are better founded and more effective.


Alongside company data, Virtual Cockpit also allows the incorporation of external data, such as information from social media, facilitating a deeper understanding of your company’s position and standing.


Virtual Cockpit handles all the prototyping and software development required to get your Virtual Cockpit command centre fully operational – be it within your place of business or at a mobile location – and trains your board members, ensuring you get the very best out of the service.


Using our Cockpit, you can see all the information of your business.



Social War Room & Digital War Rom


In addition to this, Virtual Cockpit will provide customised tools for managing social media, so that crises on Twitter or Facebook won't snowball without management being aware early on.


Gatorade, Dell, Nestle, and Thomas Cook all understand the power of Cockpit. Don’t let your business fall behind the curve.


Manage your FaceBook data, Twitter, WhatsApp ... to listen, understand and act toward successful  digital image.


Do not let the crisis swell up social networks, offer customized tool to your Community Managers.






Financial Cockpit

The financial vision has found its modern setting.


Do away with the fragmented board meetings of the past: no more reams of paper and multiple spreadsheets, with each member relying on their individual laptops and mobile devices. With Virtual Cockpit, everyone has access to the same data, in the same place, on large neuroscientifically design displays in your boardroom, your command centre, your Virtual Cockpit.


Forget Excels sheets, handle your data with pleasure at your fingertips and see the murals on large slabs.


Free your CFO to act and advise in the strategic best interests of the company, without wasting too much time being an accountants as well.




Taylor Made

Virtual Cockpit offers a tailor-made solution, ensuring your business receives a personalised, smart service, resulting in the most effective command room possible: turning your boardroom into a customised Virtual Cockpit, and your board members into pilots


We design custom command rooms. We find the most luxurious, advanced and innovative tools.

We take care of the following 4 steps; requirements gathering, prototyping, software development and coaching the users.


The architectural supervision of the hall and the project cycle are also an integral part of the offer. We can even equip a truck with a Social Mobile War Room!


Brochure Virtual Cockpit - July 2016
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